Blooming at the NS Mental Health Coalition Forum

Lennie Walser, Bloom pharmacist from the  Truro Medicine Shoppe, and Dr. David Gardner, Bloom Program co-lead, attended the NS  Mental Health Coalition Forum earlier this week, to provide information about the Bloom Program to attendees.
” We drummed up a lot of interest at our make shift Bloom Program booth followed by a nearly un-ending number of questions at the end of our presentation on the Bloom Program,” said Dr. Gardner. There were several “that sounds like a great program” comments with many people offering to help in what ever way they can, and others wondering when they will get a Bloom Pharmacy in their town he added. Mr. Walser reminded people about what pharmacies can offer whether the patient is in the program or not, or the pharmacy is part of the program or not. Many of the 180 in attendance nodded affirmatively when he stated that:” we are doing things differently and it is the right thing to do”.
Patricia Murray, special advisor to the Associate Deputy Minister on Mental Health and Addictions in NS,  was the keynote speaker at the event.
The Mental Health Forum is an annual conference put on by the Mental Health Coalition of Nova Scotia ( Essentially, it is run by and for people with mental illness and the many support organizations.